Here it is! Enter your password (it's the same password that you used to access this page) in the white box below and click "watch video". For the best viewing experience, click the wheel icon in the lower right corner and check it is set to "1080". Then press play then pause to allow the video fully load (in the bottom bar) before playing. To make full screen, hit the arrow button in the bottom right corner of the video.

When you are happy with your film email Shae. She will then remove the password and send you the link so you are able to share the link with family and friends. Any preferential changes can be made at $75 per hour.



The tracks in black are the tracks we think would be great with your vision, but feel free to have a listen to the other options as well. We only use 1 track for your highlights film. Don't worry about the length of the song, it will be extended in the edit so it will run for the right amount of time.

 Please note, in order for you film to be put on the internet (so that you are able to share with family and friends), we legally have to use licenced music.

Once you have decided on your favourite track, please email Shae so she is able to get started editing your highlights film.




Here are some screenshots we captured from your vision. Feel free to right click, and "save as" to keep a copy.

We'd love to use some of these shots on our Facebook page and on Instagram. If there are any images you don't like, could you please let Shae know via email. We're on Facebook and Instagram as "Love Storm Films" and would love for you to follow us!